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Anzan Mega Arithmetic Brain Training Program

Anzan Mega Arithmetic is introduced and improved by Mr Wellon Chou, the first certified International Master of Memory in Singapore. Mr Wellon specilize on memory training, arithmetic training, mind mapping and brain development for kids age 5-12.

The Anzan Mega Arithmetic program uses mental arithmetic and memory techniques along with IQ games to promote the brain development of children between the ages of 5 to 12.

It creates synergy in the brain by combining the techniques mentioned. It also enables children to overcome their prejudice on mathematics by making the learning process enjoyable and teach them how to activate both left and right hemispheres of their brain simultaneously...

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Benefits of Anzan Mega Arithmetic Program

Power Your Brain

High Concentration


Fast Mathematics Operation


Powerful Imagination



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Speed Learning


Enhance Memory Power


Fast Brain Development


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Channel 8 Interview-Why Anzan Arithmetic program so special?

Anzan combines both Arithmetic Training with Memory Training, which enhance students' memory ability and being able to remember numbers while doing operations with multiple digits.

Mediacorp reporter putting Anzan student on a test. He has to calculate the 3 digits x 3 digits mentally.

It takes about 14 seconds to get the answer without any working on paper.

Anzan Arithmetic Online Class

The whole Training Program is composed of the following activities:
Fingermath™,Mega Soroban™,Spoken Flash Anzan™,Visual Flash Anzan™,ImaginaryAnzan™, IQ Games™.

 The Program is operated in three age groups:

Age Group 5 – 6,Age Group 7 – 9, Age Group 10 – 12.

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What does the program offers?

Fingermath™: Scientific researches have shown that there are important connections in the brain between the part where arithmetic operations are carried out and that is used to control fingers. Fingermath™, both activates the part of the brain where arithmetic operations are carried out and the hippocampus, which controls the brain recording system.

Mega Soroban™: People have developed numerous techniques to be able to do mathematical operations and they have transformed these techniques into instruments. “Soroban”, the most developed form of abacus, is the most suitable tool to improve the imagination power in the brain. Recent researches have proved that using the power of imagination in mathematical operations increases the potential use of the brain by activating both hemispheres.

Anzan™: Anzan™ is a sytem where the imagination power is actively used in the brain by transforming the numbers into images in high speeds. The left hemisphere of the brain , where the numbers are stored and the right hemisphere of the brain where the imagination power is used. When the functions of both hemispheres of the brain are used together and in harmony, learning, memory power and concentration processes reach the maximum level in the brain.

Mega Memory™ Techniques: The aim of these techniques is to improve the learning and memory power in the brain. The system also increases the number of the snap connections among the brain cells.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Finger Math

Activate the brain where arithmetic operations are carried out. Great coordination between hand and mind.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


The traditional 'calculator', which helps to enhance the imagination power of the brain and use the power in Mathematics. 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Flash Anzan

Imagination power is actively used by transforming the numbers into image with high speed.

If you also think like the people who argue that “Why is there a need for such a system as there are already calculating machines?

it is suggested that you know the aim of the system is not teaching children to make the operations faster; in other words, the system helps the children to improve their intelligence, the capacity of memory, thinking, concentration and learning. Making operations faster is a by-product of the process since arithmetic and numbers are used as the means of training in this system. That is, being able to make operations faster is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mega Arithmetic Brain Training  

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Singapore Book of Record

Fastest to Solve 15 Number Puzzle

The sliding puzzle has 16 spaces in which 15 tiles have to be placed in the right order. After 3 rounds, Lim Jing Xuan emerged fastest to solve the puzzle in a time of 47 sec.

Singapore Book of Record

Youngest to Solve 15 Number Puzzle

 4-year-old Mason Chou was the youngest to solve the puzzle within 2 minutes. His time was 1 min 3 sec.

Meet the Founders Team

Company team

Melik Duyar, Founder of Anzan

He is called"the man who forgot to forget". As well as being one of the early pioneer mental athletes in the world, Mr Duyar is one of the few leaders promoting brain training and mental literacy in the world.

In 1994, after receiving one gold and two bronze medals in the " World Memory Championships" in London, he was presented among the first top ten mental athletes in the world by the "Buzan's Book of Genius."  


Company team

Wellon Chou, President of Anzan Asia Pacific  

Wellon Chou is the 1st Certified International Master of Memory in Singapore. Holder of 6 Singapore Book of Record. His expertise includes Mnemonics, Mind-mapping, Arithmetic & Brain Development.
Being appointed as the Vice-President of Asia Memory Sports Alliance and Chairman of Memoriad Asia Pacific. Hi mandate includes directing the growth of mental sports in both regional countries and globally.

Mega Arithmetic Brain Training 

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